Choosing a Leasing Partner with Charles Baker, MD of Baker Leasing Ltd
13th September, 2018
If you are an IT reseller looking to offer your customers leasing and finance asset options, you need to pick a leasing partner that is with you every step of the way. Charles Baker,...
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New leasing partnership smashes sales by 300 %
6th August, 2018
When a leading software supplier approached Baker Leasing to overhaul its leasing business, it never thought in just one year, it would smash its sales figures. By offering customers...
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Why leasing is a great option in times of business uncertainty
3rd July, 2018
Offering customers a new business model, where they can lease new technology and equipment instead of purchasing it, is helping IT resellers and technology suppliers increase their sales fourfold....
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Could Baker Leasing win the World Cup?
13th June, 2018
So although some of the team at Baker Leasing do think they are great football players the honest answer is no, we probably couldn’t beat the likes of Brazil and Germany. But with many football fan...
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Baker Leasing Ltd – Trusted Industry Experts
26th April, 2018
As an established business with over 17 years of experience as IT leasing specialists we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to many leading IT resellers. This position within the sector was...
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Baker Leasing Community Programme
29th March, 2018
We are very excited to be launching the Baker Leasing Community Programme. This programme will allow Baker Leasing to work in our local community in a voluntary capacity and supporting charitable c...
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