An Attitude of Gratitude
9th February, 2022
How often do you say “thank you” each day? Or how often does somebody say it to you? Showing appreciation and gratitude is said to be one of the most powerful things we can do from one human to ano...
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The Issue of Trust in Business
9th January, 2022
The definition of trust is, “reliance on and confidence in the truth, worth, reliability of a person or thing”. Trust is something that as humans we can find a tricky subject and putting our trust...
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What were you doing 20 years ago?
22nd September, 2021
  We remember vividly what we were doing - creating Baker Leasing Ltd! Charles had a vision of creating a leasing company that had customer service at its heart a...
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What does a partnership mean to you?
5th May, 2021
A partnership is defined as an agreement between two or more organisations, people etc, to work together. Business partnering is the development of successful, long term, strategic relationships be...
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Why do 95% FTSE 100 companies use leasing when acquiring new assets?
9th April, 2021
It is now widely accepted that it is the use of the asset that is important not the ownership. In order to grow and develop a business just needs access or the ability to use the latest technology...
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What does the purchasing journey look like?
3rd March, 2021
It is still a widely regarded fact that people buy from people. However, the impact of not only the pandemic but also the development of social media has undoubtedly changed what the purchasing jou...
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