The Myths of Leasing
1st July, 2019
The world of leasing and asset finance is sometimes met with caution and trepidation; however, we can dispel these concerns as they are linked to misconceptions about the process. He...
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Mind the Gap
6th June, 2019
For any business managing cash flow and maintaining an excellent level of working capital in the business is a priority. However, to remain competitive in their industry all companies need to ensur...
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"But our customers all pay cash......"
29th April, 2019
Yes it is true this is still on of the most common phrases we hear from IT resellers. However, if this is still the mindset of the IT reseller then they run a high risk of losing a large amount of...
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Leasing is Like Ordering a Cup of Coffee
1st April, 2019
When you go to any coffee establishment what is your preference? Skinny latte, espresso, flat white? Do you ask for a double shot? How about a flavoured syrup? Maybe you would prefer a tea, or a ho...
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Advice from a billionaire businessman
1st March, 2019
Would you consider a billionaire business tycoon to be somebody that could provide you with excellent business advice? If he could give you one piece of advice that explained how he grew he busines...
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The Benefit of Partnering with Specialists in the IT Leasing Sector
4th February, 2019
Many resellers in all industries have a leasing partner they work closely with, often exclusively, to reap the many benefits of being able to offer a range of finance options to their customers whe...
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