Love to help.

As February is the month of love it feels only appropriate to share just how much we love to help people through our business. As businesses fight for survival in these unprecedented times isn’t that a great mindset and work ethos to have? Love to help others. Be happy to do so. It's important for people to feel comfortable to ask for help without worrying about being taken advantage of or being vulnerable. Speaking from experience, as Baker Leasing have been in business for 20 years, it is hugely valuable to share your knowledge and expertise. Economies always have ups and downs and those that have survived challenging times have a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience to share. We should look to those businesses and trust in those that have the knowledge and experience that you we can all benefit from.

What would you like help with?

How can you help other businesses?

Love is a term that can cover a huge range of areas within a business. Certainly, most people might prefer to use the term passion in a business environment. We have all felt the impact when we are dealing with somebody who loves their job and has a passion for what they do. This energy and enthusiasm are magnetic and draws us to want to not only work with this person, but also maintain a strong working relationship. The passion may be for the role they love doing or it may go deeper than that. The root of this passion may be in the company they work for making them feel valued, a great working environment, a shared company ethos or a fantastic boss who empowers them. Such passion often comes from the top down in a business.  Employers who truly appreciate and value each team member and the strengths they bring will often have a loyal and supportive team. Likewise, it can be lonely at the top. The company boss is still only human and seeks to feel appreciated by their team members as well.

So, ask yourself, what is your passion when it comes to your job? My biggest passion is building strong working relationships with people. Luckily for me I can apply this to all areas of my job. It is with my team, but also with the IT resellers we are finance partners for, customers who we support to achieve their purchasing and growth plans; and the infrastructure of companies that in turn support us.

Loving to see success or progress, no matter how tiny is crucial at present. That could be finding that ideal business to partner with, or provide the support you need to add extra services for your customers. Maybe you closed that big deal you have been working on for months? Or perhaps that success today takes on a slightly less dramatic format? Receiving a new laptop that works so much faster, or an up-to-date software package that is just that little more efficient. A new headset that means you don’t have interference and can be heard through the microphone better. A new pen that is really nice to write with. A desk and chair in your home that are really comfortable to work at. A home – so that you have somewhere to stay safely and work from during lockdown.

It could be said that the lockdowns have simply accelerated progress that would have been inevitable with the move towards larger proportions of employees working remotely. This also implies that other areas of our businesses have also evolved and adapted in ways that were always going to happen, just more rapidly. Let us celebrate that we are doing this! We are succeeding everyday that we turn on the laptop. Connect to that online meeting. Make that phone call. One step at time we are still making progress. If we continue to have an open mind, adapting and learning as we go then we can thrive.

Passion and enthusiasm are contagious (maybe not the best word to use at this moment in time!). A positive mindset shared with those around you is one of the most generous things a person can give. We can all think of that negative person, either in our workplace or personal life, who can make you feel drained and bring your own mood down. Acknowledging when somebody needs support with mental health or kindness is vital; but if you can share a positive energy and focus on the “glass half full” you will be a blessing to all those around you. Sharing compassion and empathy will also encourage others.

I try to bring an element of this to our dining table every evening (although with teenage boys this is sometimes not so successful). We are a family of five – 3 children home schooling and 2 directors all working from home. One thing we always ask whilst eating dinner is to share one positive/enjoyable thing from the day. Occasionally we will get a gem of information about a really interesting lesson or amazing fact the kids learnt. Other times it might be something more like we are having homemade burgers for dinner and that is one of their favourites!

Mental resilience is playing a huge part in our daily lives. So, may I make this suggestion? Look for positives, no matter how tiny – that first cup of coffee in the morning is always a joy for me. When you are feeling strong, share your positive vibes. When you are struggling ask for help and be kind to yourself.

Be passionate about what you love.

Share your passion.

Love to help.