Family Business is Big Business!

There once was a time when the idea of a family-owned enterprise was considered something of a sentimental relic.  They were sometimes viewed as being a small scale or unprofessional endeavour that just wouldn’t sit well with the cut-throat, shareholder-obsessed suits and ties of ‘big business’.

However, when we look at UK, for example, family companies account for almost 40% of private sector employment, and create 25% of the country’s GDP.

A family run company can represent a brand to be trusted where your business is truly appreciated.  Far from being a faceless organisation where clients are treated merely as a number; the priority is developing long term relationships.

There can be some common pitfalls to running a family business. The most obvious being that all team members must be treated equally.  Whether they are family or non-family their input is just as important, and no preferential treatment can be given to anyone.  The key to making a family run business scalable is to promote an atmosphere of honesty and open communication.

Baker Leasing Ltd has always been, and will always be, a family run business. In the past Charles had been joined by his father, working in a sales role. Now he is joined by his wife Anne Baker who is the Operations Director. This is the ethos that we are keen to develop and maintain. All of the team are considered to be part of the Baker Leasing Ltd family, and we strive to achieve a buzzing, friendly and supportive office atmosphere. We work hard as a team to achieve all of our targets, therefore we can all reap the rewards and celebrate our success together.