Leasing: It's Not Just for Vehicles and Hardware

When discussing the idea of leasing business assets it is natural for hardware items such as desktop PCs, laptops, printers and vehicles to come to mind first.

Leasing has proved to be a cost-effective way of making sure businesses still have access to all the equipment and technology they require without having to use their cash.  This allows you retain the working capital within the business and gain a greater return on capital employed. Leasing allows businesses to be more responsive to changes within their industry

with the flexibility to update their operating processes and keep up with rivals.

However, the benefits of leasing can stretch far beyond standard hardware and vehicles.  Here are just a few examples of other assets to consider leasing for your business.

Kitchen Facilities

The working environment has become vitally important in today’s market when it comes to maintaining staff retention and also attracting the best quality staff.

Ensuring that facilities such as a kitchen are up-to-date and fully functioning is seen as a huge benefit.  This may include not only appliances but also a suitable seating area and maybe even vending machines.

The ability to relax and enjoy a lunch break can in turn mean productivity will go up, while the impact on workplace morale will also be tangible.  Showing that you are a caring employer who understands how investing in this area is important helps build the reputation of the business as a good company to work for.

Furniture and Fit Out

The layout, functionality and atmosphere of your office can be an easy matter to overlook in the day to day running of a business. But the working environment can be crucial to the overall atmosphere within a business, having a big effect on employee morale, productivity, staff retention and industry reputation.

It therefore makes sense for businesses to look at leasing office furniture, equipment and items such as heating, lighting and air-conditioning systems so they can say up-to-date both in stylistic terms and in order to respond to changes in working methods over time.

Security and Alarm Systems

Keeping the security system at your premises including the alarms is crucial as it is one of the areas which is continuously developing as technology progresses.

By leasing these systems instead of using cash to purchase upfront, you'll be more able to upgrade your first line of defence at the right times, alleviating any concerns about your premises and other assets being at risk.


Whilst hardware is often associated with leasing, software can sometimes be overlooked. A lot of banks have had little interest in offering finance options for this asset because it is not seen as a tangible asset.  Leasing software is a fantastic way to purchase the technology and support your business needs today, even if you do not have the cash available.

By leasing, you avoid the upfront financial burden of purchasing all the tools and resources you need to run your business. This level of flexibility can be vital if you want to secure a competitive advantage in your industry.

The level of flexibility that Baker Leasing can provide in the field of asset finance means we are able to offer the best service possible to your business.  No matter what the asset is that you are purchasing, we are able to offer advice as to the best way to finance it.

Maybe you are looking at your business plan for the coming year of quarter?  How about discussing your plans with Baker Leasing so we can guide you as to where leasing can support your plans for growth and development?

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