Have you followed the Bank of England’s advice?

It has been widely reported by the Bank of England that we should expect interest rate increases to be “earlier and greater than anticipated”.  But what does this mean for SMEs? The warning is that “businesses should prepare for higher borrowing costs”. So how do you prepare your business? One answer is to approach Baker Leasing.

Our goal is to work with you to manage your cash flow and support your business to allow continued growth and development.  When opportunities arise your business needs to be a position to take them – whether it means winning a new contract, upgrading equipment, buying the latest technology to increase your productivity.

Baker Leasing arrange fixed rate agreements which is the key to forecasting company expenditure.  A fixed rate means that for the entirety of the agreement the payments do not change; with the added advantage that we can arrange for the payments to be made monthly, quarterly or annually according to what suits you best.

So what impact could interest rate increases have on your business if you are an IT reseller?  We work in partnership with many IT resellers to arrange finance agreements for their customers; which can then minimise any objections they may have on price and purchasing choices. Your customers can keep their working capital within their business and enjoy all the tax benefits associated with leasing as well as the stability of fixed monthly payments for the entirety of the agreement.

As specialists in arranging flexible financial solutions with over 17 years of experience in the asset finance market, Baker Leasing look forward to working in partnership with you.  For advice and more information about gaining peace of mind and the ability to budget more effectively with asset purchases then please contact us today:


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