Create a better buying experience for your customers

It is not a surprise to learn that the smoother and more transparent the sales process, the better it is for your sales figures. An efficient process that allows your customer to feel they are in total control with all the facts and figures laid out clearly for them to see will mean they are more likely to sign on the dotted line. The transparency builds trust between you as the supplier/reseller and the end user – your customer. Giving your customer choices and tailoring the purchase to meet their exact requirements will mean their potential buying objections are reduced. One of the major objections will always be budgetary restrictions compared to the ideal solution they can afford and what they would desire.

Excellent customer service is a priceless quality and supporting your customers by offering a range of payment options demonstrates that meeting their needs is one of your top priorities. It is natural that your customers may not directly ask you for finance options, after all you are not a finance company, you are the supplier. That’s where Baker Leasing Ltd come in.

In a recent interview with the Managing Director of Baker Leasing Ltd, Charles Baker gave his views on why IT resellers don't offer leasing,

“Many resellers will tell us that they don’t offer leasing because their customers don’t ask for it. It’s a typical chicken and egg scenario. If customers don’t ask for leasing, resellers won’t offer it. If resellers don’t offer leasing, customers won't ask for it.

By proactively offering leasing as a finance solution and putting a leasing option onto every customer quote you send out, you are giving customers a real choice.

We like to work closely in partnership with our resellers, whether or not they have offered leasing before. One of our resellers has seen it's leasing business increase by 300% in the first year of working with Baker Leasing and switching from another leasing provider.”

Baker Leasing work hard on your behalf to ensure that offering a financial solution option to your customers is a straightforward and seamless process. The important thing to understand is we work in partnership with you. At the start of the process we establish the goals and targets you want to achieve for your business. From that point, we put a plan in place as to how best to achieve it. We train your sales team so that they have a thorough understanding of the benefits of using leasing. They are then put in contact with specific team members in the Baker Leasing office that can answer any questions and provide an efficient service. We can then assist you to proactively offer a finance option on every quote you send to your customers. This allows customers to see that they have a range of options when it comes to payments. Once a customer has agreed to the finance option we step in and deal directly with the customer to complete all paperwork required. This is done electronically by email, again to speed up the process. As soon as the documents are signed we instruct your accounts department to send us their invoice for quick payment. Invoices are automatically paid within 24 hours removing the risk of bad debt and the need to chase payments.


Businesses that choose Baker Leasing as their finance partner benefit from:

  • Increased sales: proactively offering a leasing option avoids price objections and allows you to upsell additional products and services with minimal increases to the customer repayments.
  • Partner Portal: sales people can be allocated individual portal logins allowing them to email branded pdf quotes to customers, submit proposals and track their activity.
  • Customer retention: leasing improves customer retention with increased control of renewals and upgrades, allowing you to be ahead of your competitors.
  • Increased cash flow: invoices are automatically paid within 24 hours removing the risk of bad debt and the need to chase payments.
  • Improved customer service: offering leasing as an alternative to cash demonstrates that you are considering your customers business needs assisting in developing long-term relationships.

Creating a better buying experience for your customers demonstrates your commitment to customer service and retention. Proactively offering financial options by working in partnership with Baker Leasing Ltd will help you close more sales – follow this link to read how one of our new IT resellers did just this, achieving 300% increase in their leased business within the first year of working with us!

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