Choosing a Leasing Partner with Charles Baker, MD of Baker Leasing Ltd

If you are an IT reseller looking to offer your customers leasing and finance asset options, you need to pick a leasing partner that is with you every step of the way.

Charles Baker, managing director at IT leasing company Baker Leasing, says speed, flexibility and a full end-to-end service level are the key factors to look out for when making that decision.

“In today’s market, IT leasing can be applied to the total solution,” he says. “It is no longer just the hardware or software costs that can be spread into easy payments, but all the professional services including installation, maintenance, support and subscriptions that can be wrapped up into one fixed payment over anything from 1-5 years. If resellers want to offer customers a real alternative to cash to win a sale, they need to make sure they are offering them a safe and secure leasing agreement.”

With more than 20 years in the IT leasing market, Charles explains how leasing is helping more and more resellers win business, increase sales and build long-term customer relationships. We spoke to him to find out more:

What do resellers need from a Leasing Partner?

“Speed, Flexibility and a great end-to-end service. How fast your leasing partner can get back to you with a customer quote is everything. You don’t want to keep customers waiting up to a week for a leasing quotation or all the right paper work to come through. At Baker Leasing, we respond to all our customers within 30 minutes of a call or email. If they want us to speak to their customer to explain the benefits of leasing, we can do that immediately too.

Once a customer decides they want to go ahead with the leasing quote, you need a high service level to give the reseller peace of mind that the sale is safe and secure. A good leasing partner will arrange everything so there are no worries about paperwork, credit checks or payment.”

How does Baker Leasing help resellers close the sale?

“Being able to offer a very quick turn around on leasing agreements helps resellers not only close the deal but it also helps to avoid any price objections and build customer retention.

If your customer doesn’t have the budget available for the full solution (such as hardware, software, support and maintenance services), leasing gives them the option to get the full solution now with payments spread over a set period of time. If the customer comes back to you and says, ‘I can’t afford £10,000 but I can afford £350 monthly payments’, the sales team can forward us that enquiry and we can take it from there. By calling the customer direct, we can reassure them of the benefits and often help the reseller close the sale quicker.”

What’s the biggest misconception of leasing?

“Many resellers will tell us that they don’t offer leasing because their customers don’t ask for it. It’s a typical chicken and egg scenario. If customers don’t ask, resellers won’t offer: If resellers don’t offer, customers won’t ask. By proactively offering leasing as a finance solution and putting a leasing option onto every quote you send out, you are giving customers a real choice. We like to work in partnership with our customers, especially if they have not offered leasing before. One of our customers recently told us that its leasing business had increased by 300% in a year – and in the first year of working with Baker Leasing and switching from another leasing.”

How does a leasing partnership with Baker Leasing work?

“We strongly believe in treating people how we like to be treated. We will come and visit the reseller first to find out how they sell, what they sell and to whom they sell. We want to align ourselves with the reseller so that we can understand how every department works - so that everyone is on board across the organisation – it’s not just a sales focus. By doing this and understanding our customers’ future strategies and how they work as organisations, we can look for opportunities to help them grow their businesses further.”

How can resellers guarantee their customers are getting the best leasing service?

“At Baker Leasing, we never dictate the leasing terms to how the reseller does business. We will customise the leasing offerings and process around their requirements and sales process. It means we can offer a tailored quote and give the customer a rate that reflects any finance needs. Getting all this information doesn’t hold up the sale, it just helps us put the reseller in a better position to win business.”

To find out more about how to offer leasing and asset finance solutions to your customers, contact Baker Leasing today.

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