New leasing partnership smashes sales by 300 %

When a leading software supplier approached Baker Leasing to overhaul its leasing business, it never thought in just one year, it would smash its sales figures.

By offering customers a new way of acquiring the latest technology - through flexible finance solutions - the company was able to increase its leasing business by 300%. The growth in sales was achieved by a new finance partnership with specialists Baker Leasing who helped the company realise new potential in the leasing market.

Charles Baker, managing director of Baker Leasing, says, “Although the company already offered leasing through another finance company, it didn’t have any clear goals or targets about how leasing could further drive its business.

“Talking to the supplier, we were able to understand its goals and put a plan in place. We trained its sales team so that everyone in the team had a better understanding of the benefits of leasing. This led to the team being able to offer their customers more choice – of solutions and purchasing plans. Once its customers understood the benefits of leasing software, they could see there was no downside to leasing and sales just took off,” explains Charles.

Offering a leasing option means the software company can now offer several benefits. These include:

  • Avoid price objections and up sell additional products and services with minimal increases to the customer’s repayments.
  • Build customer retention. Customers can stay ahead of the tech curve and the competition by being able to choose, with the right lease, when they upgrade or renew equipment or software.
  • Improve cash flow. No more chasing payments or worrying about the risk of bad debt. Invoices are automatically paid within 24 hours.
  • Improve customer service. Offering leasing as an alternative to hard cash shows the software company is considering its customers’ business needs and helps build long-term relationships. By offering leasing, its customers can now have the latest equipment without bearing the cost upfront, leaving them to deploy their working capital elsewhere in the business. Lease payments are also 100 per cent deductible against corporation tax and maintenance issues are eliminated as many leases come with a fully supported service solution.
  • Offer branded quotes to customers fast. Through Baker Leasing's Partner Portal, the company’s sales team is given individual portal logins, which lets staff email branded .pdf quotes to customers, submit proposals and track their activity quickly and simply.

Charles adds: “Providing a high-quality service is at the core of our business. This personal service is one of the reasons this software company is one of many IT resellers who are choosing to work in partnership with us to drive their business forward.”

To find out how leasing can help you smash your sales figures, give Baker Leasing a call on 01494 974 888 or email