The value of great service

The British economy could now be considered to a be a relationship economy. By this we mean that it is the quality of relationships, with customers, employees, partners and suppliers that are critical to the success of businesses.

Customer service is already central to the competitiveness of the UK economy 78% of UK GDP is generated by the service sector and 70% of the working population are in jobs that involve dealing directly with customers. It is concerning, therefore, that the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), published by The Institute of Customer Service and based on 40,000 customer responses, reveals a continuing decline in customer satisfaction.

The Institute of Customer Service regularly conducts research into the link between businesses and customer service and into what customers want in terms of service. This provides invaluable insights that government needs to pay attention to. We know that organisations with high levels of customer satisfaction on average show better performance in terms of sales and market share growth. But there is also a need for need for organisations to understand the importance of being transparent in the way they deal with customers and report to stakeholders.

Customers' expectations are evolving rapidly with priorities being greater convenience, speed and value. Providing high quality service is at the core of our business and just one of the many reasons why companies choose to work with Baker Leasing for their leasing requirements and partner with us to offer financial solutions to their customers. We pride ourselves in being able to provide instant competitive quotations and the ability to process a deal from start to finish within a matter of hours when required.

With Baker Leasing you and your business are in safe hands.  Baker Leasing is a family run company established by Charles Baker in 2001. Throughout our growth and expansion we have maintained the family culture amongst our team and value all members and the skills they bring. Our priority is to best serve our customers and partners to meet and exceed their financial solution needs and expectations.