The Benefits of Working with a Leasing Partner

The role of Baker Leasing in the financial solution market is to enable businesses to become more efficient, improve cash flow and stay up to date with technology; whilst ensuring the needs of the customer, manufacturer and finance providers are being met and the potential benefits maximised. Baker Leasing provides an alternative to only approaching the business banking provider, which means keeping greater lines of credit available.

As a highly experienced intermediary, Baker Leasing has the advantage of a large network of the most competitive underwriters in the market. Alongside our vast industry knowledge we are able to source the ideal financial solution, tailored to your requirements with complete transparency.

Building a long-term relationship between your business and Baker Leasing will have huge advantages for you. When it comes to the growth and development of your company Baker Leasing act as consultants guiding you on the most financially efficient way to manage cash flow and the assets you purchase. It will mean you can ensure your team are working with the latest technology, in the ideal working environment and keeping you competitive in your market. No matter what the asset you are looking to purchase; software, hardware, furniture, fit-out, air conditioning etc; Baker Leasing can work with you to secure the best financial solution. The companies we work with most successfully have an annual review once they have established their business plan for the year ahead so that we can get a leasing strategy in place making the whole process stress free and very efficient. Some also prefer to have these reviews quarterly inline with how they manage their budget and purchasing strategy.

Having a leasing partner can also provide huge benefits to your sales figures if you are a reseller. By proactively offering a finance option to your customers you will gain:

  • Increased sales: proactively offering a leasing option avoids price objections and allows you to up sell additional products and services with minimal increases to the customer repayments.
  • Partner Portal: sales people are allocated individual portal logins allowing them to email branded pdf quotes to customers, submit proposals and track their activity.
  • Customer retention: leasing improves customer retention with increased control of renewals and upgrades, allowing you to be ahead of your competitors.
  • Increased cash flow: invoices are automatically paid within 24 hours removing the risk of bad debt and the need to chase payments.
  • Improved customer service: offering leasing as an alternative to cash demonstrates that you are considering your customers business needs assisting in developing long-term relationships.
  • Free training: all of our exclusive partners receive bespoke training for their entire sales team.

Again, the resellers who benefit the most from our relationship treat us as consultants and we work closely inline with their sales forecasting and business planning process.

In challenging economic and political environments Baker Leasing maintain their strong place in the market when many high street and business banks become nervous and less supportive of new ventures and increasing investments.

With over 18 years industry experience we are well placed to work in partnership with your organisation. Our exceptional proven track record demonstrates that we are a company that thrives on seeing your company grow and develop.

Contact us today to discuss how we can build on our relationship and develop your financial strategy and purchasing plans.

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