Create the ideal working environment

Mention recruitment to the managers and directors of many businesses and they shudder- unless they work in recruitment themselves! Company directors and senior managers can find themselves spending hours and large amounts of capital in order to recruit the best staff in their field of expertise. Receiving a resignation from a fantastic member of their team can be one of the things they dread the most.

One of the top priorities for a business has to be their workforce. They need to not only attract the best quality of staff but also retain them. When a person is looking at their career and where they want to work they not only consider how much they are earning but also the work/life balance and the environment they work in.

However, the cost of modernising the working environment can be a costly one. Baker Leasing work closely with many companies to support their development plans. We use leasing to help to fund internal refurbishments in order to allow them to create a fantastic work environment; to not only attract the best staff but also give them an added incentive to stay loyal to the company.

The other option we give advice on is whether they could refinance through sale and leaseback. Sometimes companies have paid to refit their offices; purchasing new furniture and lighting for example; but later realise that they need to invest money in another area of the business. In this situation when the assets were purchased within the last 6 months we can place them onto a lease and then the original capital outlay can be reinvested into the business.