Could Baker Leasing win the World Cup?

So although some of the team at Baker Leasing do think they are great football players the honest answer is no, we probably couldn’t beat the likes of Brazil and Germany. But with many football fans in our team (covering Liverpool, Manchester United and Watford) we are looking forward to the 2018 World Cup. Even the non-football fans are looking forward to it with a sweepstake and other games in the office to get into the spirit of the event.


In the media it is hard to avoid the coverage of the teams, their preparation, coverage of their every move and experts giving their opinions. This brings to light the question: What makes a winning team?


We don’t have Gareth Southgate, we have Charles Baker! It is vital that the leader has the knowledge and the vision to support and guide the team, making the difficult decisions where necessary. Charles has spent his whole career in the leasing sector and established Baker Leasing in 2001. His evolving vision for Baker Leasing, adapting to support our customers and vendor partners in the best possible way, means that no matter what our service level is our top priority.


Our in-house training programme has developed over the years, and now incorporates an external training company to support the ongoing development of our sales team. It doesn’t matter what role you have in the team or how long you have been with Baker Leasing, training and development never stops. However, we won’t make you run laps of a football pitch!


A teams’ ongoing performance and motivation needs to involve celebrating every success on the journey – and every goal scored! In a sales industry it does come down to hitting targets, but there is so much more to consider as well. At Baker Leasing we strive as a team to help every individual hit their own targets as well as those of the whole company. The work ethic and energy of our office is that of self-motivated and driven individuals who strive for success for themselves and everyone around them. If it comes down to a penalty shoot out – we have each others backs!


Then there is the cliché phrase “work hard, play hard”. This year the England team are allowed to go out sight seeing with their families, have relaxation days at the hotel, and keep posting on their social media accounts. The importance of the work life balance is well documented and is obviously a consideration of the England squad this year. The team at Baker Leasing enjoy regularly socialising together outside the office, and obviously using occasions such as the World Cup 2018 to keep a lively and fun atmosphere in the office.


Baker Leasing Ltd is a family run business. We work hard as a team to achieve all of our targets, therefore we can all reap the rewards and celebrate our success together. Would you like to join a team that are striving to be the best in the world – and maybe win the World Cup?


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